From France :

Endorsement for Prophetic Intercession book - release March 2011

Al and Billie Deck have had an extraordinary impact on our church in Paris, France.  The revelation they have concerning prophetic intercession has literally changed the spiritual landscape of our church.  My wife and I were well schooled in the practice of spiritual warfare and intercessory supplication.  But the understanding of how to combine worship, the prophetic leading of the Spirit, and the power of declaring things in God’s glory, radically changed the way we did prayer.  Our church is located at one of the most strategic places in the city of Paris.  This revelation from the Decks allowed us to move into a greater realm of God’s authority.  The Church has continued to grow and enjoy God’s favor in all aspects of its ministry.  I highly encourage you not only to read this book, but to make it your ambition to enter into this essential revelation.   


Robert Baxter

Pastor of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Paris, France

Director of the International Horizon Family of Churches

GG Prophetic Encounter Jan 21, 2011  Dallas, TX

Thank you for being such an example to us of a couple who LIVE in the Glory. Your witness is so refreshing and we bless you for your faithfulness to us and to God's call on your lives.

Jutta from Stuttgart, Germany writes:

Thank you for coming to Germany to minister last fall.  Because of your witness our pastor is now open for healing in our church.  We look forward to your next mission here in our nation this year.  The Pentecostal pastor has opened his church again for you to use for the meetings.

I had the manifestation of gold on my hands when I lead worship in our Baptist church recently. Thank you for the impartation.

Thank you that since you prayed for me I can now sleep in my bed all night.  Because of back pain I had been sleeping in a chair for five years. 

Richard, a spiritual son from the Himalayas, awaits our coming to teach the leaders in their conferences.

A pastor from Zimbabwe writes that Al and Billie's naturally flowing in the supernatural challenged him in his life and ministry. "The way the two of you flow together as a team shows us how we also can model you."

Theresa Phillips:

It was awesome to watch Momma Billie move in the Spirit teaching about the Preparation of the Bride for the Coming of The Lord.

Thru her Ministry we watched many people touched and a man receive a creative Miracle in his ear after being deaf in that ear since he was a boy.

We also watched as 'Poppa" Al became a real Father to  men who did not have one.

This Ministry is truly touching lives!

Many attended The Threshold  Encounter in Chicago  in July. 

Myra Pollard commented 

"It was so wonderful! I received so much! Full to the brim when I came home! Thank you, and thanks to Momma, & to Dr. Marina! Still processing & absorbing!"

Cecil Kemp  wrote:

“Hi Billie Reagan Deck, 

The baby is beautiful, Billie. FB friends, I encourage you to visit Billie and Al's website and consider purchasing Billie's powerful new teaching book titled: Prophetic Third Day Intercession. It is based on a lifetime of walking in and after the Spirit. Billie and Al are the real deal disciples and ministers of our Lord Jesus...hope you'll support them. I assure you, you will be blessed by this teaching." 

Ben Berges


"Very good book everyone! It has some hunger provoking stories in it that will thrust you into a desire for the glory realm and will plant new truth within you concerning prayer and intercession."

Melanie Hart

"Your book, Propetic Third Day Intercession has radically changed my life...and those around me. We all have it. I read it twice and will continue to read it over and over. Next to the Bible, it's one of my favorite, Life-changing tools......along with my favorite Joshua Mills and Dr. Renny McLean's products. We can all bring Heaven to Earth with a Miracle Mindset, standing in the Glory, Declaring NOW...praying way beyond Faith into doing everything God's way. It's ALL about Jesus...there's no other way. I love you Mama Billie Reagan Deck. Thank you for this book!  You said, "LIFESTYLE: Divine Supernatural". YES! Glory!

Todd Raines from Wichita, KS wrote on Facebook:

"I went yesterday to our intrust arena holds around 20 thousand people to get tickets for the Reba Macentire concert sat night. The young lady was very nice.  I noticed she had a book and  I asked what it was.  (The lady who sold me the tickets) she said, "It's called Third day intercession by Billie Deck", I about fell down.  I said, " I know her, she is coming to my church in December," It was such a GOD moment, I believe it is a prophetic sign that your book will be read by the world even non christians because of the revelation and truth.  i believe you will revise that book and add to it in a few years.  Books from the throne never grow old, IT was a WOW moment, Who would of thought going to a Reba Macentire concert the girl who sold me tickets was reading your book.  She said it has changed her life and she has to put it down every few pages and digest the words. My my Momma B,, the best is yet to come,,,, and I want to hear Papa Al teaching on the benefit of tongues,,,,,,, love you all and cant wait to see you in Wichita in December. I'm telling everyone to come,, LOVE YOU SO MUCH,,,"

Hattie from Ft. Washington, MD shares:

"I've worn eyeglasses for more than 30 years. Today I received manifestation of restored vision." Hattie read her Bible without glasses.

Elaina from Des Plannes, IL said:

"Inflamation in eye cleared. Thank you Jesus."

Another lady stated that she had difficulty seeing because of 'floaters'. They cleared up during that miracle realm in the Intercessors Class while  Billie was declaring visual miracles.

Hi Billie,

I met you in Tampa.  I bought your book, Prophetic Third Day Intercession,  at the breakfast table at our end of Kaye Byer's conference in January. You had been prophesying over our friend Dan Rosbourough. I loved your book. As I read each page, I felt like I knew you and that we had talked over many of these truths before. I know that my heart connected with the Spirit of revelation that lives in you. You are an awesome woman who walks in a realm of Glory and Wisdom that I long for.

Blessings, Gail

Al and Billie Deck

Cedars of Lebanon, Inc.

P.O. Box 523077

Springfield, VA 22152