The Rev. Drs Al & Billie Deck

Al and Billie Deck

Cedars of Lebanon, Inc.

P.O. Box 523077

Springfield, VA 22152

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We have just released our new book 200 pages of Gods Wisdom and Glory.

What is Prophetic Intercession ?

How do we bring Heaven to Earth? Where are you in the process??

This book will change your life!

Billie Reagan Deck is a Prophet and a Teacher of the TRUE Glory of God. She is a carrier and an activator. This book will help you learn about the realms of Glory. You will learn how to pray and release God's power and glory NOW. Learn to live in the miraculous NOW.

 Just Grow and BE in HIM to access the realms.

Click below to purchase "Prophetic Third Day Intercession".

We are offering the book

plus its DVD series together as a special offer.



RECEIVE YOUR MIRACLE is a primer on divine healing and teaches one how to receive and walk in divine health.

    You may order it and other books by using PayPal now. 



We are offering the book

plus its DVD together as a special offer.


We are offering BOTH books along with their associated DVD series as a special offer. This also includes the bonus CD:

“What to do After You’re Prayed For”