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December 1, 2012

LIGHT of the World

Billie Reagan Deck

 The LIGHT of the world is JESUS.

“In this world of darkness I have called you to let your light shine. It is the light of My love, My Son, shinning through you that will dispel all darkness.

I sent Him as that LIGHT that would shine in darkness and the darkness did not receive Him. But to those who received Him, He has become their LIGHT and the LIGHT of their lives.

LIGHT is like a vapor. It comes and goes.  But while it is present it appears brilliant and consuming. The Spirit of Truth brings LIGHT. He sheds light on the LOGOS, the written word and He brings revelation light on the Rhema, the spoken NOW word.

Do not fret over a flicker because even the light of a flickering candle can disperse and penetrate darkness.

See yourselves as LIGHT sent forth to SHINE in this darkness. Let that LIGHT penetrate the dark places and bring hope and help wherever you go. Bear My LIGHT. Hold high My torch. Hold high My word. Hold high My gospel, the GOOD NEWS.

In this world of uncertainty hold up the LIGHT of My gospel to all who will look and see that I am that LIGHT and in Me is no darkness, neither shadow of turning.

You are safe in that LIGHT. You are free when you find that LIGHT and you will live forever in that LIGHT who is the Son of the LIVING God.”

February 1 2011

This is a Time to Rely on God’s Love

Billie Reagan Deck


The Word of the Lord

“This is not a time for fear or force. This is a time to rely on God’s love, His word and His promises to us. He promised He would never leave us or forsake us. He will keep His word to a 1000 generations.  It is a time to look up for our redemption draws nigh. It is sooner than we expect. We must busy ourselves with the task at hand of bringing in the harvest. The time of harvest is NOW. The souls are ripe for the taking. Many hearts have been broken by disappointment of man’s promises. It is time to share the promises and love of God with them.

Many lives have been broken by the diverse avenues of this world system as they tried on this or that to satisfy their deepest longings. But only Jesus can truly satisfy that deep inner need of the human soul. It is not found in fame nor name nor wealth nor health but in the peace of God which passes all understanding. It will keep our hearts and our minds in Him who is the Prince of Peace.

Walk away from self indulgence. Do not look inside and be depressed. Do not look around and be distressed. Look to Jesus and be at rest. He is the answer to all your problems. His love can heal the worst pain of your soul. His joy can flood your soul and make you whole – body, mind and spirit. His word is true. It is not a lie. Men will try to persuade you with flowery words and flattering remarks but only God’s word brings us hope and promise of a future. Without His word we cannot be secure. His promises are ‘yes and amen’. We can go to the bank on His word.  In the old days a man’s handshake was his oath. Jesus swore by His own name. There is none higher.

God has given Him a name that is higher than any other name that is named that at the name of Jesus every knee would bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the father. We use our mouths to confess so many things but God is calling us to call the name of the most High One in prayer, in confession, in our sweetest and dearest thoughts and words as we remember all that He did for us on the Cross of Calvary when He paid the debt for our sin. How can we not love Him so. He who know no sin became sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.  It is in His life that we live and move and have our expression. He is more than enough. He will never leave us or forsake us. His promises are true and His judgment is just. His Spirit is the spirit of truth and will lead us into all truth. He is the Spirit of Revelation and will reveal God’s word and His Son to all who call upon Him.

The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and adds no sorrow. So take the blessings and the riches of Glory that are yours today. Live no longer in lack or want or depravity. Be filled with all fullness of the God who is not just Jehovah Jerri but the One who is more than enough, El Shaddai. Go to Him with every concern. Go to Him with every care. Lean heavily on His breast. Rely on His every word. Depend on His love and care. He cannot deny His own. He will prevail in every circumstance. He has defeated the enemy of your soul and wants you to walk in total victory. Live no longer in war nor fear. Live in the confidence of the finished work of Christ. He is coming soon. He is coming for a radiant bride who is waiting for His appearing.

Is your heart panting for his return? Do you welcome His coming? Are you captivated with His love? Then respond to Him by giving your full attention to His word and His commission to Go and preach and teach and heal and raise the dead. Bring light to all those who walk in darkness. Bring hope to all those who live in despair. Bring life to all those who fear death. Bring the word of God to those who have lost hope in the word of a man. Bring love to those who hate.

He is knocking now. Do you hear Him. Then heed His call and respond to Him today. Hear Him say, “Come follow Me and I will make you to become fishers of men. Let down your nets on the other side and see what I can do.”

10-10-10 11:15PM brd

Lord, We ask You to break our hearts with what breaks Your heart. We want to KNOW You more so we can share Your love and Your promises with those who have never heard the Good News of Your coming to earth and to those who do not expect Your second return for us who believe on Your name.

Lord, give us the passion we need to daily walk with You and know that Your Spirit fills us to overflowing on everyone we meet. Thank You for the victory that You purchased for us on Calvary. Help us to ratify the covenant and know that it is in effect by the shedding of Your precious blood. Help us to remember that even now that blood is crying out from the Mercy Seat in heaven on our behalf.


Thank you Father for Your perfect plan.

Thank You Jesus for Your obedience.

Thank You Holy Spirit for Your work in us and through us to bring us to the fulfillment of our destiny.



Al and Billie Deck

Cedars of Lebanon, Inc.

P.O. Box 523077

Springfield, VA 22152





Supernatural Windfall Coming to Earth 

 By Billie Reagan Deck

There is a supernatural windfall (bonus, extra, premium) coming to the earth. It is coming to the people of God. to those who have not sworn to idols or lifted their heads and hearts to Baal. It is coming to the Elect. to those who have their names written in the Lamb’s book of Life. It is surely coming and no one nor nothing can stop it..

This is a time of accountability on the earth. It is a time of reckoning for those who hearts are not truly turned to the Almighty. It is a time for true repentance which calls for action. the kind of action that takes one away from their sinful ways of thinking and acting. True repentance is not self reliance. It is total dependence upon the SINLESS ONE, the One who took away the sin of the whole world with His shed blood. He only is the visible, spiritual sacrifice – the Only One who could atone for the sins of the whole earth. It is His blood that is crying out now. It is speaking of a NEW DAY…In this season of atonement, of sacrifice can you allow that blood to cry for your sins?

Walk away from and turn no more toward those things that have alienated and defiled you. Turn toward HIM Who is the ONE atonement…”at one ment”. At ONE with the Father. Recall how He prayed in John 17 his prayer for ONENESS to the Father…”that they/we be one as we are one”. Remember the words of the ONE who was facing the payment for the sin debt of the whole world and yet He loved us to the end and asked the Father to ”make us one” with You as the three are one.

The cry for Oneness is heard now more clearly as we listen again to that mournful, compassionate prayer. He did not think of Himself. He did not consider His plight. He thought of us. That we would be ONE with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as they are the three in one. Father, make us ONE.

Now is the time to cry out for our sins- personal, corporate and global. Now is the time to hear the blood crying out for them on the mercy seat. That blood is ever speaking on our behalf. It is reminding us of the forgiveness of our sins. Recon yourselves dead to sin and alive to life, the ZOE…God life that is offered so freely to us all in the blood bought atonement of the Son of the Living God, the Savior of the world in Whom is found no spot nor blemish. His atonement is speaking on your behalf even this very hour.

Turn not away from His finished work. But turn TOWARD Him and receive Him and His sacrifice for your sins and the sins of the whole world. It is time for true repentance. It is the time for no longer relenting (giving in, taking a softer line, giving up, caving in) but repenting and forsaking the wrath that is to surely come on the earth.

Your Father seeks such to worship Him in spirit and truth. Will you repent today and follow after Him alone all the days of your life? It is the day of your salvation. It is the day of your atonement/ at-one-ment with the Father. Be ye reconciled to (prepared to accept) Him saith the Spirit of Truth.

Al and Billie Deck

Cedars of Lebanon, Inc.

P.O. Box 523077

Springfield, VA 22152